Our new location is now open! The Factory is located at 11210-143 st.

About Us

My name is Tessa Raye... owner of The Tesserae...not a coincidence.  I thanked my mother for the perfect name for what I do.  The term "Jack of all trades" has never sat right with me.  I have a large catalog of arts and trades skills that would give me that "Jack of All" title... but I prefer to think that my work is more like a mosaic made up off all the unique parts of this Tessa Raye.

My career has been in scenic design and technical theatre.  Not limiting myself to one department in the industry has meant that now I can build most of what I design.  I do a little carpentry, sewing, costuming, upholstery, I am a professional glue gun slinger, I can wire up and design with most types of lighting, I am a passionate thrifter and upcycler, I am a painter (of furniture, cabinets, walls, concrete patios... etc) and shocker... I can tile a mean mosaic.  When I need an extra hand or a skill I don't have, I work with a wide variety of multi talented theatre artists.  I consider them an integral part of the mosaic that is The Tesserae.  I have always used my skills outside the industry, creating window displays, parade floats, commercial installations and specialized event props, but when the pandemic began and theatres closed, I took the opportunity to invest more heavily in these other avenues.

And The Tesserae - Creative Construction + Design was born. 

I fell in love with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in 2016 and was privileged to work with Leanne, who was Edmonton's stockist at the time.  I feel very fortunate and grateful for the timing that allowed me to be her successor as Edmonton's Chalk Paint Stockist.  I look forward to meeting you all and helping you be bold enough to #painteverything.